Saturday, November 20, 2004

San Antonio

I arrived in San Antonio yesterday evening, too late, unfortunately, for a meeting I was supposed to attend. But I did get a chance to go out with friends and taste some ribs and some Sam Adams nevertheless; if my first tastes of Texas are anything to go by, I am going to have to watch my waistline in a big way -- the portions here are enormous. And I found that I was still not hungry for breakfast this morning. But since I had a breakfast meeting, I managed to load up the calories again, and this should last me through at least some of what looks like an interesting first day. The traditional meeting of the e-listers is at 11.30. This is when those who contribute to the various Biblical-related academic e-lists congregate to put faces to names and to meet old friends. It's organised by Jeffrey Gibson, who is also reading a paper this afternoon in the Synoptics Section on the Sign of Jonah. In that same section we have papers by Jeff Peterson on the Sanhedrin, Robert Miller on the Virginal Conception in Matthew and Pamela Shellberg on Cleansing in Luke-Acts. I intend also to get to the Computer Assisted Research Group after that; and tonight is the Continuum reception. Hope to blog some more later.

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theswain said...

Interestingly I had a similar experience this summer at a conference in Leeds. Particularly the breakfast...I was shocked at both portions (the sausages were quite large) and amount of calories....scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, fried tomatoes, fruit, and toast and jam every morning....Lunch and Dinner were somewhat smaller, but that breakfast was truly impressive.

Leeds restaurants on the other hand served what I thought were large portions too---especially this nice little curry place up the hill from the university. So good, so much!

Enjoy SBL!

Larry Swain