Sunday, November 28, 2004

Visual Bible International Update

More on the Visual Bible International. First, they apparently have a new distribution deal with Buena Vista which should give a bit more exposure to The Gospel of John, and there is further mention of The Gospel of Mark, which has to be good news:

Visual Bible International, Inc. Announces Distribution of The Gospel of John and The Gospel of Mark
Eberts said "I am pleased to announce release plans of the DVD/VHS for two of VBI's exciting titles. There couldn't be a better distributor than Buena Vista Home Entertainment for The Gospel of John and The Gospel of Mark. No distributor in the industry comes to the table with a greater reputation for marketing and outreach strategies and that was what I valued the most in aligning these films with BVHE."

As previously announced by VBI, it is the intention of VBI to pursue additional equity financing to fund the production and marketing costs for The Gospel of Mark.
Also, an anonymous commenter on a previous Visual Bible Update pointed out to me that The Gospel of John is now available in the UK and here is the site:

The Visual Bible

The site has details of the various Visual Bible DVDs and Videos including Matthew and Acts and The Gospel of John. There's also a link to a major website of Bruce Marchiano, who played Jesus in Matthew, and it is called Marchiano Ministries.

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