Saturday, November 20, 2004

SBL Saturday, rest of

To complete my account of Saturday, Catherine Smith and Matthew Brook O'Donnell gave an excellent paper exploring the possibilities for future electronic Synopses, looking in particular at the possibilities for interactive ways of doing things, and with some useful illustrations. I also hung around to listen to Ken Penner's paper.

Later this evening it was the Continuum reception, with musical accompaniment, which gave it a nicely distinctive local feel. There was some decent food at this reception from the look of it but, alas, I had already had an enormous steak at "Beers and Steers" earlier on in the evening so could not touch any more food. As expected, I'd not needed to eat all day until this enormous and enjoyable indulgent meal in the evening. Met lots of people at the Continuum reception, friends old and new, so well worth while being there. It was something I needed to get to because of my new role as editor or the Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement (soon to become the Library of New Testament Studies) but it was more joy than duty. Another early start in the morning, so I had better get to bed.

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