Sunday, November 07, 2004

E. P. Sanders's Intellectual Autobiography

I was lucky enough to run across this gem today:

Comparing Judaism and Christianity: An Academic Autobiography
A paper read at “New Views of First-Century Jewish and Christian Self-Definition: An International Conference in honor of E. P. Sanders” (April, 2003)
E. P. Sanders
April-May 2004

It's a 40 page intellectual autobiography of one of the greatest New Testament scholars of our generation (the greatest?). It won't just be his former students like me who find this really fascinating. By the way, I've added a link to Ed Sanders's faculty page on Scholars: S.


Eric Sowell said...

Just wanted to say thanks for putting up this post. Really enjoyed it.

Peter Malik said...

Dear Mark,
I'm not sure you read old comments to your blog anymore, but I wanted to find EP Sander's intellectual autobiography, but the link doesn't seem to be working anymore. Have you got the pdf of it, by any chance?

David Reimer said...

The PDF can still be found in the Wayback Machine ( web crawler) here: