Thursday, November 04, 2004

SBL Forum New Editor

I had the email notification of this sometime ago but am only steadily catching up with things. The SBL Forum, which in the several months since its launch has made an excellent contribution, now has a new editor, Leonard Greenspoon who is taking over from Frank Ames:

Greenspoon to be Editor of Forum
Kent Richards
As Leonard said, "I am not beginning ex nihilo, and I have every intention of building on and expanding the very firm foundations that are already in place. There is an advisory board, to which I hope to add members, especially younger scholars. In the coming months you will, I hope, notice some differences as well as continuities. Of greatest important is my desire to have an ever increasing number of you as authors or guest editors."
This sounds good to me. I am on the advisory board myself and look forward to meeting Leonard Greenspoon in San Antonio in a fortnight. I've shared several ideas concerning the forum in recent months and I hope that some of them will be taken up. I had another thought the other day -- what about an RSS feed for the forum? It would be ideal given its live, frequently updated content. Something else I'll suggest.

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