Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Best ofs

In The First Annual Ralphies, Ed Cook challenges other bibliobloggers to come up with their own best-ofs. I doubt that mine will be of much interest to anyone who reads the NT Gateway Weblog since they are not exactly NT-related, but here are mine anyway, since Ed does ask us all:

Best Fiction: I haven't read a single fictional book published in 2004. Sorry.

Best non-fiction: very tough. I must admit that I am surprised how much I have enjoyed Crossan and Reed's In Search of Paul, though there must be some other hightlights that I am forgetting. Why is it that amnesia sets in the moment one is asked to do this?

Best Film: on Film 2004 tonight, Fellowship of the Ring was at the top because of its late 2003 release. If I'm allowed that, I'd have that. If not, I'd probably say Spiderman II. Honourable mentions: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Bride and Prejudice, Farenheit 911 and The Passion of the Christ.

Best TV programme: Curb Your Enthusiasm (US); Little Britain (UK). Also enjoyed Smallville, Tru Calling, 24.

Best album: Scissor Sisters, with Franz Ferdinand a close second.

Best single: Band Aid 20, even though not a patch on the original, which still moves me to tears.

Best gig: The Fall, Stourbridge (actually the only gig I went to in 2004).

Most missed: John Peel

It's good to see Helenann Hartley pitching in with her Best ofs for 2004. I love Father Ted and The West Wing too. If I'm allowed repeats, I should probably also add The Prisoner on BBC4 earlier in the year, a real treat.

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