Friday, December 03, 2004

Zeba Crook's English Synopsis Update

Back in May, I blogged on Zeba Crook's English Reader's Synopsis. Zeba now has an updated version setting out the advantages of this proposal, and providing some samples of the Synopsis at the following URL:

English Reader's Synopsis

As I commented previously, this looks like a valuable project, if I have some qualms about the use of reconstructed Q here for the reasons previously articulated, especially that it will negate the usual pedagogical advantage of having two columns for double tradition. When I teach the Synoptic Problem to introductory classes, the kind of audience that this Synopsis is aimed at, I find it straightforward to explain triple tradition by showing a Synopsis in three columns and double tradition by showing a Synopsis in two columns. It would be impossible to do that with this Synopsis. The Synoptic Problem is already complicated enough, and the pedagogical disadvantage for the introductory student of double tradition in three columns would, in my judgement, cause problems. Moreover, I would always prefer, even with more advanced students, not to have a Q column present since this potentially forecloses the question of the solution to the Synoptic Problem, so limiting the usability of the Synopsis.

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