Friday, December 10, 2004

Cities of Paul

Another press release from Fortress:
Fortress Press Releases Monumental Resource on the Cities of Paul

MINNEAPOLIS (Dec 9, 2004)— Cities of Paul: Images and Interpretations from the Harvard New Testament Archaeology Project is now available from Fortress Press.

This dynamic resource on CD-ROM includes nearly 900 images from sites in Greece and Turkey (ancient Asia Minor) illuminating the religious and civic lives of peoples encountered by Paul and other leaders in the earliest churches. Cities featured include Athens, Olympia, Corinth, Pergamon, Delphi, Philippi, Isthmia, Ephesus, and Thessaloniki. In addition to photos, the CD-ROM includes maps, bibliographies, glossary, indexes, and especially detailed historical information about the sites and artifacts.

Each slide is accompanied by an explanation of the image and the particular elements in the photograph. Users can create their own “slide show” presentations using the images and commentaries or typing in their own on-screen texts to appear with each photo.

Publications with slides from the ancient Mediterranean illustrating archaeological sites of the New Testament and early Christianity usually present materials only from Palestine and offer no more than brief captions for each slide. This series is designed to overcome these deficiencies. Slides of ancient architecture, coins, sculptures, and inscriptions are included, as well as various maps and floor plans, are

Concentrated on those areas of the Greco-Roman world in the Aegean, western Aisa Minor, Macedonia, and Greece. Each slide is accompanied by a full description of the object presented, scholarly discussion of its significance, and bibliography. Materials are not limited to the time of the early Christian mission but try to expand the horizon by including significant finds from the Hellenistic period as well of the time of the first extant Christian archaeological monuments.

This stunning array of images and commentary is a powerful tool for teaching, scholarship, and reference. It brings alive the world of the early Christians for students and lay persons alike. Rather than try to “illustrate” the New Testament, these images, using the most up-to-date results of archaeological scholarship, are intended to further a better understanding of the world of early Christianity and present visual images and explanations of the cities and societies in which early Christians lived and Christian missionaries worked.

Helmut Koester is John H. Morison Research Professor of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School. He is the chair of the New Testament board of Hermeneia and author of three previous books from Fortress Press, including Introduction to the New Testament (2 vols., 1982), Lent (Proclamation, 1974), and Trajectories through Early Christianity (with James M. Robinson, 1971). He has led groups to archaeological sites throughout Greece and Turkey for more than twenty years.

Minimum System Requirements

Macintosh: System 9.x; 800 x 600 resolution monitor; 440 Mz PowerPC processor

Windows: Windows 2000; 800 x 600 resolution monitor; 440 Mz PowerPC processor

ISBN: 0-8006-3673-2

Special introductory price for limited time: $199.00

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