Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Princeton Colloquium on Heresy

This notice was sent in by Holger Zellentin:
Making Selves and Marking Others: Heresy and Self-Definition in Late Antiquity

Colloquium at Princeton University, Department of Religion, January 16-18, 2005

Organized by Peter Schäfer, Holger Zellentin, and Eduard Iricinschi, hosted by the Department of Religion


(Please check for updates)

Participants: William Arnal (University of Regina), Averil Cameron (Oxford University), John Gager (Princeton University), Michelle Garceau (Princeton University), Gregg Gardner (Princeton University), Martha Himmelfarb (Princeton University), Caroline Humfress (University of London), Eduard Iricinschi (Princeton University), Karen L. King (Harvard Divinity School), Richard Lim (Smith College), Kevin Osterloh (Princeton University), Elaine Pagels (Princeton University), Yannis Papadoyannakis (Princeton University), Annette Yoshiko Reed (McMaster University), David Satran (Hebrew University), Peter Schäfer (Princeton University) Philippa Townsend (Princeton University), Burton L. Visotzky (Jewish Theological Seminary), Israel Yuval (Hebrew University), Holger Zellentin (Princeton University)

For the full program, please go to http://www.princeton.edu/~heresy/program.html

If you plan to attend, or if you have further questions, please contact Holger Zellentin (hzellent@princeton.edu) or Eduard Iricinschi (eiricins@princeton.edu)

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