Thursday, December 23, 2004

Oded Golan indicted

This has already been mentioned elsewhere (Hypotyposeis, Biblical Theology, Xtalk); it's "breaking news" -- Oded Golan is to be indicted next week on a range of charges including forgery of the inscription of the James ossuary. This is from this morning's The Times story:

Burial box of Jesus's brother is hoax, say experts
From Ian MacKinnon in Jerusalem
AN ISRAELI collector of antiquities who stunned the world with a find that he said was the burial container of Jesus’ “brother”, James, is to be charged with forgery.

Justice Ministry officials said last night that Oded Golan would be indicted next week on a range of charges that would include forgery over an inscription on the stone container that carried the script in Aramaic reading: “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”.

Six others are also to be charged.
The same story is in a variety of other places, but the information is essentially the same.

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