Friday, December 17, 2004

James Ossuary latest

Stephen Goranson has the latest on the James Ossuary on Xtalk:
CBS 60 Minutes 7pm EST Sunday 16 Dec. has scheduled a report on the ossuary, with Bob Simon.

Fox News, I'm told, will also report on it that night at 9.

After the SBL meeting a message at reported hearsay that there exists a 1970s photograph including the full ossuary inscription and a 1970s Golan girlfriend.

Reportedly, a judge set a deadline of 1 Jan. for filing charges or not.
Update (11.50): in a correction to the previous message, Stephen Goranson notes, " indicates their ossuary report will be on 19 Dec. at 7 (or after football). He continues, "The foxnews show, I'm told, ia a one hour special titled "The Birth of Jesus" and may in part deal with the ossuary, 19 Dec. and rebroadcast 24 or 25 Dec."

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