Monday, January 02, 2006

Second Annual Ralphies

I am beginning to work through my bloglines backlog of posts and still with hundreds to go, I realize to my horror that some go back weeks. One item of particular pleasure is the annual indulgence of bibliobloggers giving their "best ofs" in the Second Annual Ralphies. As regular readers will know, this is an academic New Testament studies based blog in which personal posts are only very rarely allowed a place, but the Ralphies are a pleasure I did partake of in 2004 (first annual Ralphies) and very much later than everyone else, I thought I'd add mine for 2005 too. I suppose there really ought to be a cut-off point for best-ofs, perhaps 2 January or something like that, and in recognition of that I am going to fictionalise the date of this posting back to 2 January.

Best nonfiction book: John Peel: Margrave of the Marshes: this is the unfinished auto-biography of the greatly missed John Peel, completed by his wife Sheila. He is still so greatly missed. I still can't quite believe he's gone.

Best fiction book: I didn't read any from 2005.

Best film: King Kong, I think. Honourable mention: Pride and Prejudice. Most overrated: either Crash or Batman Begins.

Best CD of the year: The Fall, Heads Roll

Song of the year: Kaiser Chiefs, I Predict a Riot; Madonna, Hung Up; The Fall, What about us?

As in 2004, I add a couple of extra categories and campaign for these to be added in 2006 too. I didn't go to any gigs in 2005, so drop that category here, but my move to America made me more conscious of the joys of BBC radio, and of British sport, so I add some extra categories:

Best TV programme: Dr Who wins hands down -- I thought I'd died and gone to television heaven. If you haven't seen this series yet, with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth doctor, and penned by Russell T. Davies, you are in for a real treat (it premieres in the US a year late, on Sci Fi in March). It wasn't just the best of 2005, but one of the best TV series ever -- I am serious! And as if it could get any better, it went and got better with the Christmas Invasion starring tenth doctor David Tennant, with a new series to look forward to in the spring.

Best radio programme: I'm sorry I haven't a clue -- still going strong after 34 years, and hilarious as ever -- makes driving home listening to the radio dangerous.

Best sporting event: England winning the Ashes, of course.

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