Sunday, January 22, 2006

Crum available at Wipf and Stock

I was pleased to hear on the Gospel of Thomas e-list recently, from Simon Gathercole, that Walter Crum's Coptic Dictionary is now available from Wipf and Stock -- yet another very useful reprint:

Walter E. Crum, A Coptic Dictionary

At $108, it is not cheap, but it has always been expensive on the second-hand book market and this is a welcome re-issue.

On the Gospel of Thomas list, Judy Redman also posted on forthcoming electronic editions of Crum.


Tommy Wasserman said...

...and the publication is already freely available online (scanned pages) at:

Holger said... is developing a (commercial) digital version for its 'library' software at roughly the same price as the Wipf&Stock book reprint:

Unknown said...

Judy's comment to the Gospel of Thomas group makes it sound like the user is required to buy a base package in order to install the Logos edition of Crum's Coptic Dictionary or Smith's Concise Coptic-English Lexicon. (The latter work is now shipping, by the way.)

In fact, the user could install and use either of these Coptic lexicons (or any other Logos product) without a base package. Searching and display functions would work fine, though certain features that require a Bible or other books would be dormant until the user expanded the digital library. Logos is pretty unique in that you can buy books à la carte if you so choose.

Daniel Foster
Logos Bible Software