Thursday, January 05, 2006

NT Gateway updates (or the lack of them)

I am getting a lot of emails at the moment asking me to add things to the New Testament Gateway, new resources, URLs to change and so on. I am afraid that I have not had a moment to add anything to the site since moving to the USA in September, and I don't foresee a chance to update it any time soon. I seem to have been able to snatch the odd moment to blog, even though not at the rate I was once blogging, and I hope that that will continue. In the mean time, though, there is the ever present mountain of correspondence to work through. Even putting all the NT Gateway materials to one side, I am having to answer dozens and dozens of emails a day to try to get back on track. I think I can do it, and still prepare classes for next week, but for the time being the New Testament Gateway proper will have to continue to take a back seat. Sorry about that, and I'll keep you up to date on the (lack of) progress.

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Anonymous said...

eek! I'm sorry!

Happy New Year