Friday, January 20, 2006

End of Biblical Theology blog

I don't seem to have so much time to hang around on-line these days, alas, and I was quite surprised on my return to the land of the blogging to see the demise of Jim West's Biblical Theology. In his own inimitable way, Jim had carved out a niche with that blog, making it the place people went to hear a lot of the latest news on Biblical Studies related issues. I don't think anyone was ever quicker to the mark than Jim and even if some of the material covered there was not to everyone's taste, he was performing a useful service. So this is something of a lament, all the more so in that the entire archive appears to have been deleted, presumably a year or two's worth? It may be that others have commented on this on-line, but I've not had the chance to catch up with the blogs yet. Anyway, I am sorry to see this blog go. Jim has a new blog called First Baptist Church of Petros, centred on the church he pastors in Tennessee, and of course I wish him all the best with that.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

just in case you haven't seen this, Jim did comment on putting his bible-blog to rest (to use his words):

Thanks for your initial post because I was still wondering whether Jim's blog indeed is gone - and then, using your re-direction, found the answer in his new blog.