Friday, January 20, 2006

Review of Biblical Literature latest

Latest from the SBL Review of Biblical Literature under the NT heading:

Bolt, Peter G.
Jesus' Defeat of Death: Persuading Mark's Early Readers
Reviewed by William Campbell

Dibelius, Martin
Edited by K. Hanson
The Book of Acts: Form, Style, and Theology
Reviewed by Renate Hood

Donahue, John R., ed.
Life in Abundance: Studies of John's Gospel in Tribute to Raymond E. Brown
Reviewed by Paul Anderson

Gil Arbiol, Carlos J.
Los Valores Negados: Ensayo de exégesis socio-científica sobre la autoestigmatización en el movimiento de Jesús
Reviewed by Alejandro Botta

Jung, Chang-Wook
The Original Language of the Lukan Infancy Narrative
Reviewed by Gert Steyn

Kaminouchi, Alberto de Mingo
But It Is Not So among You: Echoes of Power in Mark 10:32-45
Reviewed by William Campbell

Kirk, Alan and Tom Thatcher, eds.
Memory, Tradition, and Text: Uses of the Past in Early Christianity
Reviewed by Thomas Kraus

Matthews, Shelly and E. Leigh Gibson, eds.
Violence in the New Testament
Reviewed by Mark Bredin

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