Monday, January 09, 2006

Crossan on the web

I finished getting together my syllabus for a course on the Historical Jesus tonight, and in the process of hunting down sources and references, I came across a site I don't recall having seen before:

John Dominic Crossan

It's at (a little odd since he's known by Dominic rather than John) and appears to be run by HarperSanFrancisco and is vehicle to advertise his books. There are excerpts from each of Crossan's recent books, though it is not quite as promising as it first looks -- where it says "Read Chapter 1", it is usually just three or four pages. But still a nice site.

I also came across this on Beliefnet, which I'd missed before, or forgotten about:

In Search of Paul Presentation

It's a nice virtual tour around some of the sites discussed in the book of the same name co-authored with Jonathan Reed. You hear a commentary from Crossan (sounding uncharacteristically stilted) and watch a slide show; it takes 10 minutes or so to go through.


DerekD said...

I visited the "In Search of Paul Presentation" and have some concerns/questions about Crossan's description of the wall painting of Paul and Theoklia. First, he states the painting consists of two figures "of equal height, that is of equal status." Yet, I believe there are three figures: Paul, Theoklia, and another badly preserved figure. Is this the same fresco discussed by Maggie Odell's SBL paper (, which mentions the third figure as Thecla? Moreover, the figures are NOT of equal height; Theoklia is larger than Paul, who is larger than Thecla (once again, Odell's paper). The figure of Theoklia has been disfigured, which for Crossan "graphically demonstrates" Christianity's alteration of the radical Paul to the "conservative" Paul. But the fresco is 5th and 6th century, quite later, I suspect, than when Crossan would want to date this alteration of Paul.

DerekD said...

Correction: The author of the SBL paper is Ruth Ohm Wright, not Maggie Odell.