Friday, January 20, 2006

SBL Forum latest and Graphic Novels

It's always interesting to read the latest in the SBL Forum, which continues to go from strength to strength (though, as I have often said before, I am looking forward to the day when they introduce a proper, browsable archive), and I particularly enjoyed the article this month on graphic novels and the Bible:

The Bible and Graphic Novels: A Review and Interview with the Authors of "Marked" and "Megillat Esther"
Dan W. Clanton, Jr.

One of the two comic books reviewed is Steve Ross's Marked, which I mentioned here last November (Graphic Novel based on Mark's Gospel).

Since we are talking about graphic novels and the NT, let me also mention that !Hero: The Rock Opera, often mentioned on this blog, also has its own comic book, but I must admit that I have not seen this yet.

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