Friday, November 19, 2004

Javanilla in Austin, Texas

First stage of my journey and first entry in my travel diary. I am tasting something called a javanilla shake in Seattle's Best Coffee in Austin, Texas. On the way to San Antonio later. I'll adjust the timings on the blog to Texas time since it is saying 10.04 pm on my blogging machine.


Larry Thompson said...

Welcome to Texas. Remember, Austin is more like California than the rest of Texas. The Hula Hut has good Mexican food. I just mention that since you are already drinking Seattle coffee in the Hill Country of Texas. Hope you enjoy your trip. I'm in Fort Worth and enjoy your site.

Jim said...

Mark, I'm not sure if there are Starbuck's in Birmingham (there are in Zurich)- but make sure you save enough money to buy you a brownie mocchachino while you are in San Antonio. It is what heaven is sure to be like.