Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Beyond Belief on Mary Magdalene

I interrupt my blogging holiday to note that while driving from Birmingham to South Derbyshire yesterday, it was a pleasure to catch my friend Bridget Gilfillan Upton on the latest Beyond Belief on Radio 4. (It's great being in the UK -- you can get Radio 4 just by switching on the radio in the car! You don't even have to have your laptop and an internet connection!). You can listen again here:

Beyond Belief: 24 July 2006

As well as Bridget Gilfillan Upton, there was a second woman whose name I have forgotten (sorry) and also Timothy Freke, whom I've met on a couple of occasions, most recently on a previous episode of Beyond Belief on Gnosticism.

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Whit+ said...

The other woman is, Lynn Picknett, the author of Mary Magdalene: Christianity's Hidden Goddess.