Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Marcionism in Washington Times article on Cash

There's an enjoyable review of Johnny Cash's last album, American V: A Hundred Highways, in The Washington Times today, in which the author drifts into Marcionism:

Cash bares his soul on final recording
By Adam Mazmanian
Though the star's profound Christian faith is known to fans of his music, people who know Mr. Cash through the 2005 biopic " Walk the Line" will be forgiven for not understanding the extent to which themes of sin and forgiveness, prayers to God and references to prophecy inform not only in his lyrics but in his posture and tone. Like much of his recent work, the songs written and covered by Mr. Cash exhibit a tension between the wrathful God of the Bible's Old Testament and the forgiving son of God in the New Testament.
It's a shame that so blatant a piece of Marcionism is stated as if a self-evident truth, and it's another good reason why education about Biblical Studies and early Christian history is good for you.

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