Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Miracles of Jesus Documentary

Also on Bible Films Blog, Matt Page notes that there is a New BBC Documentary Series -- "The Miracles of Jesus". Details are on the BBC Religion and Ethics website here:

The Miracles of Jesus

The series is produced and directed by Jean-Claude Bragard, with whom I once appeared on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast. As Matt notes, he was behind the successful series Son of God (Jesus: The Complete Story in the US). He also directed St Paul and several other key BBC Religion and Ethics programme. I've been asked in correspondence if I was involved with The Miracles of Jesus and the answer is: yes, but only unofficially. I spent some time with Jean-Claude and with Anna Cox discussing the series a couple of years ago in Birmingham, and have had extended phone calls and email correspondence with them since then, and with series researchers, especially David Waters. I was also a reader for the series book by Michael Symmons Roberts (picture left). On this occasion I did not make it to the final mix, as it were, either as consultant or participant, but I look forward to seeing it. If I remember correctly, the US version has already aired on Discovery.


Steven Carr said...

Aren't the miracle stories of Jesus literary creations in the same way that many stories in the Book of Mormon or the Koran are literay creations?

See Miracles for details of the copying of plots , details and terminology that went on when people were creating the miracle stories.

Anonymous said...

There are no miracle stories in the Qur'an, according to the Qur'an Muhammad can't perform miracles.

Danny Zacharias said...

My Prof Craig Evans was part of the show so I saw an advanced screening. it wasn't bad, but I wasn't terribly impressed. The christian magician Brock Gill (brockgill.com) who simulated the miracles did more of the talking/exegeting than all of the guests combined! Many times i had to laugh because it was a little cheesy - they used these matrix-style effects during the re-enactment of the miracles. Not my favorite discovery channel jesus program, but it was okay.


Steven Carr said...

Could Brock Gill do some of the Elijah/Elisha miracles, such as feeding a crowd of people with some barley bread and a little other food , and having bread left over. or raising the son of a widow that had been met at the gate of a city?

Anonymous said...

What stories in the Book of Mormon are you reffering to? Are they more fantastic then what is contained in the New Testament? I would not say so.