Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blogging as theological reflection round-up

It turns out that several have answered Francis Ward's Blogging as theological reflection questions. Here is a round-up:

NT Gateway Weblog (Mark Goodacre)
The Busybody (Loren Rosson)
postmodernbible (Pete Phillips)
Singing in the Reign (Michael Barber)
Ricoblog (Rick Brannan)
Sean the Baptist (Sean Winter)
Hypotyposeis (Stephen Carlson)
Thoughts on Antiquity (Chris Weimer)

Lots of interesting material there. Anyone else joining in?

Updated (Friday, 10.16): Sean the Baptist added above.

Updated (Saturday, 01.20): Hypotyposeis added above.

Updated (Saturday, 11.17): Thoughts on Antiquity added above.


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Hi Mark. See my post:

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Count me in: