Monday, July 10, 2006

Biblical Studies Bulletin 40

The latest Biblical Studies Bulletin, for June 2006, is now available on-line. It's edited by Michael Thompson at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and is connected with Grove Books, and is always worth reading:

Biblical Studies Bulletin 40

There's one slightly troubling note to regular readers:
This is your opportunity to stand up and be counted! For ten years now I have spent roughly four days per year editing BSB. My boss and others are urging me to simplify my lifestyle. One way to do so would be to give up BSB. But would anyone miss it? If you think the tradition is worth continuing, please send a postcard or an email to me ( If I hear from thirty righteous people (not including Grove employees, group members, or Ridley Hall staff or students), before the next issue is due, I’ll keep doing this for a while. Otherwise, it’s the eschaton.
Here's my vote: please keep it going, Mike, if you can. I'd like to delay the eschaton.

By the way, the link on the main page to BSB 40 points to BSB 39, but I managed to sniff out the actual link.

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Anonymous said...

Mark, thanks for the vote of support!

Mike Thompson