Thursday, July 06, 2006

Review of Biblical Literature latest

Latest from the SBL Review of Biblical Literature under the NT heading:

Paul, Dagmar J.
Untypische Texte im Matthäusevangelium? Studien zu Charakter, Funktion und Bedeutung einer Textgruppe des matthäischen Sonderguts
Reviewed by Boris Repschinski

Bolt, Peter G.
The Cross from a Distance: Atonement in Mark's Gospel
Reviewed by Elliott Maloney

Moloney, Francis J.
The Gospel of Mark: A Commentary
Reviewed by Heike Omerzu

Dunn, James D. G., and Scot McKnight, eds.
The Historical Jesus in Recent Research
Reviewed by Stephan Joubert

Polaski, Sandra Hack
A Feminist Introduction to Paul
Reviewed by Holly Hearon

Osiek, Carolyn, Margaret Y. MacDonald, and Janet H. Tulloch
A Woman's Place: House Churches in Earliest Christianity
Reviewed by Jorunn Økland

Sturcke, Henry
Encountering the Rest of God: How Jesus Came to Personify the Sabbath
Reviewed by Boris Repschinski

Pascuzzi, Maria A.
First and Second Corinthians
Reviewed by Reimund Bieringer

Thurston, Bonnie B., and Judith Ryan
Philippians & Philemon
Reviewed by Jeremy Punt

Bartholomew, Craig G., Joel B. Green, and Anthony Thiselton, eds.
Reading Luke: Interpretation, Reflection, Formation
Reviewed by John Squires

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