Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Goodacres make it to Duke News

We made it to Duke News recently, for watching and blogging on the World Cup:

World Cup Fever
Duke community joins global facination [sic] of soccer
By Rony Camille
One Duke family that still has a rooting interest in the outcome is the Goodacres, who emigrated from Birmingham, England, last September. Mark Goodacre, an associate professor of religion, and his wife Viola are blogging about their experiences in America (http://uktous.blogspot.com), but also commenting about the games, the quality of the broadcasters and other World Cup-related topics.

For example, Viola recently wrote that she remains concerned about her favorite team, even though the English team has advanced to the quarter-finals: “As for England, we finished top of our group. Even so, during each of their matches, I couldn't help thinking that they needed someone to light a fire under them to get them going.”
Ah, that already seems like a long time ago now, and no one ever got around to lighting that fire.

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