Monday, July 25, 2005

Ben Witherington's blog out of the closet!

I'd like to join others (Michael Bird, Jim West and Sean du Toit) in welcoming Ben Witherington to the blogosphhere. As Sean du Toit comments, this is a surprising feat of "stealth blogging" in that it has apparently been going on for several months without any of us realizing, a strong achievement these days, but one that he's not been able to get away with for ever. The assumption must be that this is the New Testament scholar otherwise known as Dr Ben Witherington III. There are several telling clues, the link to Asbury Theological Seminary where he works and to Beliefnet for which he sometimes writes. Anyway, if it is that Ben Witherington III, a warm welcome to blogging and I would like to join others in looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Update (Tuesday, 10.53 pm, Eastern Time): as Eric Manuel notes, the following page puts the identification of the blog beyond doubt:

Dr Ben Witherington III

This is located at and features a CV, a link to the blog and some reproductions of his personal works. I look forward to seeing more on this site, perhaps especially some full text article reproductions?

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