Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Café Apocalypsis

I am usually the last on the scene these days, but I'd like to join other bibliobloggers (including Michael Bird, Stephen Carlson and Jim West) in welcoming a new blog:

Café Apocalypsis
Brewed with a metaphorical, esoteric, and eschatological blend of aromatic Biblical Studies

The author is given only as "Alan". I have to admit that I do like to know a bit more about the author of a blog than just a first name. Who are you?

Update (Wednesday, 20.38): on his Novum Testamentum blog, Brandon Wason notes that the author is Alan Bandy. On CaféApocalypsis, Alan expands the profile and notes all the welcomes.

In the same post, Brandon Wason asks: "By the way, who came up with term biblioblogger"? Was it Goodacre? West?" It was neither. I think it was David Meadows -- see my post on Bibliobloggers from last December.

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