Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New Testament in Plain English Blog

Thanks to Dave Rattigan for letting me know about a new blog. Seems like it's a blog a day at the moment!

The New Testament in Plain English
A living project where mavericks and scholars translate the Bible into an English for everyone: The PROCESS is the AIM

It's interesting as a multi-author blog. One of its contributors is Wayne Leman and we already know him from Better Bibles Blog. Dave Rattigan is currently just given as "Dave", with no profile. The others are "King of Peace" and P. James Bowen. So my usual plea for full names.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers, Mark!

Lots of folk will know me as "Dave Rattigan" or "David L Rattigan" from my regular blog, The Grace Pages".

By the way, we're also looking for new participants, so if any of your readers are interested, they should get in touch. Details about who can participate can be found at the NTPE blog.

Thanks again.