Monday, July 18, 2005

Logos edition of Apostolic Fathers

Thanks to Rick Brannan of Ricoblog fame for this important information:

The Apostolic Fathers in Greek and English (3 Editions, with Morphology)

Rick writes:
This is something we call a "pre-publication". It is best thought of as a subscription. If we have enough people show interest (i.e., "subscribe" to the offering) then we'll make this a priority to complete.

Given enough interest, we intend to publish three editions of the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, each edition having Greek along with an English translation and other ancillary matter (such as marginal notes, text-critical notes, introductions, etc.). The editions are:

- Lightfoot/Harmer's edition (1 vol, 1898)
- Kirsopp Lake's edition (Loeb Classical Library, 2 vols, 1912)
- Michael Holmes' edition (Baker Book House, 1999). We're trying to get the latest edition of Holmes to include in this package.

The Greek components of each of these editions will be morphologically analyzed.
Thanks for that, Rick, and good luck with the project, which looks eminently worthwhile.

Update (Tuesday, 15.03): I meant to mention that Stephen Carlson has already commented on this on Hypotyposeis.

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