Sunday, July 31, 2005

+Thomas Dunelm's Castle

Some time ago, there was a little discussion on the biblioblogs about Bishop Tom Wright's castle (e.g. here in Tom Wright's castle and also in Paleojudaica), when it became clear that it was common for us British academics to be living in castles. Well now, Tom Wright has the full justification out in this latest addition to the N. T. Wright page:

The Bishop's Ministry at Auckland Castle
Meeting of Church Commissioners and Auckland Castle Trustees, Directors and Supporters
Auckland Castle, July 13 2005

Briefing paper from the Bishop of Durham

The long and short of it is that he's not budging from Auckland Castle. Nor should he either. I've been looking around properties in North Carolina, USA this last week and I can assure you that they are nothing like the standard castle a British academic would live in.


Michael F. Bird said...

Mark, I was probably describing myself more than anyone and seeing who else the pattern follows! Thanks for your comments

Anonymous said...

Funny that: I have always associated him with castles ever since 'Victory of God', where he attacks others for building them in the air - and he actually lives in one! Perhaps he could open it up to homeless people? (I live in a castle too: one room with a kitchette, loads of books and a cat) Good luck with your castle hunting in NC.

James Crossley said...

" became clear that it was common for us British academics to be living in castles."

Where did I go wrong...

Michael said...

I think the specialty in North Carolina is the mobile trailer/castle.