Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New blog:

My previous post took me to which I like to visit from time to time and I noticed that Robert Bradshaw now has a blog to back up the site, so you can be bang up to date on all the new articles he adds with admirably regularity: (blog)
This weblog documents the development of, including announcements of forthcoming material
Robert Bradshaw

I've added it to my blogroll, of course, along with all the other new biblioblogs on the block. Welcome, Robert.

The most recent blog entry gives a flavour of what the site does regularly, adding new reproductions of key evangelical academic material on the NT, this time the following paperback:

I. Howard Marshall, Eschatology and the Parables (London: The Tyndale Press, 1963) [PDF]


Wayne Leman said...

Mark, thank you for the notice of Rob Bradshaw's blog. I have just visited it and downloaded several of the files which were of interest to me. It's sure good to have some decent scholarship available via websites and blogs. It rises above so much of the typical mediocrity on the Internet.

Rob Bradshaw said...

Many thanks Mark for your ongoing encouragement. I have now added a direct link to your blog.