Saturday, July 02, 2005

Make Poverty History

I'm going to break my self-imposed protocol of not blogging outside academic NT topics today, but I'm sure it goes without saying that it's worth doing. There's only one thing that I want to blog about on an historic day (I hope) like today. I am sure that you've all already done this, but just in case you've not yet found the link or have not yet got around to it, or were enjoying U2, the Scissor Sisters, Madonna or Robbie Williams too much to get to the net:

Live 8: The Long Walk to Justice

Wouldn't it be fantastic if we look back on today in twenty year's time and thank God that it was our generation who took seriously the challenge to make poverty history?

Update (Tuesday, 23.24): Richard Anderson comments; Danny Zacharias comments.

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Michael F. Bird said...


Amen to that!

Mike Bird