Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Journal Henoch and the Enoch Literature

This from Gabriele Boccaccini via Justin Winger:
I am pleased to inform you that I am the new Director of the Journal “HENOCH: Studies in Judaism and Christianity from Second Temple to Late Antiquity.”

The Journal HENOCH was founded in 1979 by Prof. Paolo Sacchi and has soon become a well-established international journal in Judaic Studies. Under my Direction, and with a new Publisher (www.morcelliana.it), it will start a new series with a more defined specialization (as the new sub-title clarifies), a stronger international emphasis, and English as its main language (articles in German, French, Spanish, and Italian will continue to be accepted, however).

The new Board of Directors is made of Profs. Paolo Sacchi, Claudio Gianotto, Yaron Eliav, and myself. Prof. Corrado Martone is the Secretary of the Board.

There will be two Editorial Boards, one in Ann Arbor (the American Editorial Board, under my direction) and one in Europe (the European Editorial Board, under Prof. Gianotto’s direction).

I am committed to make the HENOCH a leading voice in the study of Judaism and Christianity from Second Temple to Late Antiquity, an important companion of the Enoch Seminars, which so much have contributed to the development of our field. The members of the Board will have the privilege of submitting articles (theirs or others’) to the Editorial Boards of the Journal, and may be occasionally asked (but ONLY if they agree to do so) to give their opinion about articles submitted to the Journal.

The first issue of the new series of Henoch will be published by the end of this year. I am asking each of you to support this new enterprise with your advice, commitment and participation. I will certainly appreciate if you could check whether the library of your Institution already subscribes to the Journal or could be interested in subscribing to the new series.

I thank you for your attention. With my best wishes.

Gabriele Boccaccini

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