Friday, April 06, 2007

Death of Reginald Fuller

I was sorry to read, on Biblische Ausbildung, of the death of Reginald Fuller (born 1915) on Wednesday. Yesterday, Stephen Cook went on to post the Virginia Theological Seminary Press Release on Dr Fuller. Fuller was an outstanding scholar. I have a strong "remember where you were" memory of reading his devastating dismantling of C. H. Dodd's case for realized eschatology in Mark 1.15, a case I was just mentioning in class the other day. I also have a happy memory of my one and only meeting with Prof. Fuller, when he came along to a paper I gave in the Synoptic Problem seminar at the SNTS Birmingham 1997.

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Ken Olson said...

Of course, Fuller is probably best known to your readers for describing Luke's potential use of Matthew as "unscrambling the egg with a vengeance," from which the title of the fourth chapter of The Case Against Q comes.