Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Blogger of the Month: James Tabor

Brandon Wason has been really busy this week, and has a fine interview with James Tabor who is the blogger of the month:

James Tabor: Blogger of the Month April 2007

Thanks, Brandon and James for an interesting read.


Brandon Wason said...

"Busy" is an accurate description. Thanks for the links. :-)

Daniel said...

Ah, I love to read Tabor's stuff. As usual, covering himself in the grand cloak of science and rationality and hoping everyone doesn't look behind to see what is being covered. I think it's humorous that one of the few people who have not taken a stand on Talpiot is described as "sane and rational." Although, with the mud Tabor's been throwing at anyone who dares to disagree with himself or Jacobovici, staying neutral may be a "sane" course to be on. Tov kufsha, anashiim.

Anonymous said...

A bit more on one more aspect of the faulty probability methodology James tried to foist on the public (covered a bit on previous blog-days). And then James tried to defend, even while his own mathematician and the Discovery Channel were backtracking and changing the claims.

To save real estate, I have the letter from Professor William Thompson posted on ...

or http://tinyurl.com/338hky

Steven Avery