Sunday, April 22, 2007

Novum Testamentum latest

The latest Novum Testamentum is online for subscribers, with abstracts free for all:

Novum Testamentum 49/2 (2007)

Jesus as Archelaus in the Parable of the Pounds (Lk. 19:11-27)
pp. 105-127(23)
Author: Schultz, Brian

What Did Jesus Mean by την αρχην in John 8:25?
pp. 129-147(19)
Author: Caragounis, Chrys C.

Corpus suum tradere (Dan 3,28 [95]; 2Makk 7,37; 1Kor 13,3)
pp. 149-151(3)
Author: Bauer, Johannes B.

Diamonds in the Rough: A Reply to Christopher Stanley Concerning the Reader Competency of Paul's Original Audiences
pp. 153-183(31)
Author: Abasciano, Brian J.

The Gospel Commentary of Theophylact, and a Neglected Manuscript in Oxford
pp. 185-196(12)
Author: Brown, Andrew J.

Book Reviews

Rethinking the Synoptic Problem
pp. 197-199(3)
Author: Goodacre, Mark

The Purpose of the Gospel of Mark in Its Historical and Social Context
pp. 200-202(3)
Author: Iverson, Kelly R.

Calendar, Chronology and Worship; Studies in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity
pp. 203-204(2)
Author: Collins, Nina L.

Book Notes

Book Notes
pp. 205-208(4)
Author: Elliott, J.K.

My book review (see above) was actually written about three years ago, but it got lost in transmission. The best that I can reconstruct this situation is that NovT sent me the proofs in the summer of 2005 and I received them the day I was leaving Birmingham to come to begin a new life in North Carolina. I didn't send them back, they got lost, and I forgot about it until fairly recently when it occurred to me that I had not seen the review. I enquired and discovered that they had not published because they had not received the proofs. They looked them out and in no time at all, they have published it. So that's why this is a 2007 review of a 2001 book.

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