Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Latest Tyndale Tech: Biblical Fonts and Mac Woes

The latest Tyndale Tech email is now available online:

Biblical Fonts and Mac Woes: A Solution
April 2007
The good news for everyone is that Unicode has solved all our font problems.
The bad news for Mac users is that Hebrew doesn't work properly in Word.
The really good news is that NeoOffice now works as well as Word, with Hebrew, for free!

As usual, it's full of useful advice and great links. A couple of comments to come later.

Update (16:10): Danny Zacharias has some excellent comments on Latest Tyndale Tech: Some Clarifications.


Danny Zacharias said...

check out my comments here

James Gregory said...

I used to use NeoOffice, but it was slow. I ended up buying Mellel, which was super cheap for such a powerful program ($45, student price). Not only does it write in Hebrew and Greek unicodes, but also all sorts of ancient languages. Additionally, and what I find to be of great importance, it uses less battery energy than Word, so I can use my laptop for a full four hours in class, whereas with Word I would have to plug in around 2.5 (why that is, I don't know; it just is at least in my case).

Anonymous said...

If you're on a Mac, I'd seriously recommend splashing out on iWork and using Pages instead of Word. It reads and writes Word documents with no apparent formatting issues, but it will not track changes. All I have to do is see if it likes Hebrew fonts!