Monday, April 23, 2007

Review of Biblical Literature Latest

Latest from the SBL Review of Biblical Literature under the NT and related heading:

A. K. M. Adam
Faithful Interpretation: Reading the Bible in a Postmodern World
Reviewed by Joel B. Green

Peter Arzt-Grabner, Ruth Elisabeth Kritzer, Amfilochios Papathomas, and Franz Winter
1. Korinther
Reviewed by Joseph Verheyden

Matthew Brook O'Donnell
Corpus Linguistics and the Greek of the New Testament
Reviewed by Paul Elbert

N. T. Wright
Evil and the Justice of God
Reviewed by D. A. Carson

Arie W. Zwiep
Judas and the Choice of Matthias: A Study on Context and Concern of Acts 1:15-26
Reviewed by Loveday Alexander

I particularly recommend Carson's review of Wright for an entertaining and lively read. It is sympathetic with and appreciate of Wright overall yet profoundly critical on particular points, e.g.
Would Wright want to assert that there is no moral difference between those responsible for Auschwitz and the significant numbers of Dutch citizens who risked (and sometimes lost) their lives to give Jews sanctuary? Yes, we are all lost, and the line between good and evil goes down the middle of all people: there is an important theological truth there, for the alternative is that there are only good people and bad people. But to focus on this one insight and not complementary biblical emphases yields amateurish theology and slightly ridiculous politics.
It is good too to see a thorough and appreciative review of Matthew Brook O'Donnell's book, a book that opens up new avenues in New Testament study and is well worth serious attention. I was one of the external examiners of the PhD thesis that formed the basis for this book, and it is good to see it now published and reviewed.

And of course it is always good to see fellow-bloggers books getting favourable reviews, as Joel Green reviews AKMA, not least because it reminds us all that it is possible to blog and to write good books too. AKMA comments on his blog.

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