Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reginald Fuller again

A further brief comment on my previous post which mentioned again the death of Reginald Fuller: there is a good summary of his life on Wikipedia, including a select bibliography:

Reginald H. Fuller

I think I remember hearing that Fuller's wife, Ilse Barda, is Rudolf Bultmann's daughter. Can anyone confirm that?


Anonymous said...

I know of one daughter of Bultmann- Antje Bultmann- married with the name Antje Lemke Bultmann. She was quite an astonishing expert on Albert Schweitzer and wrote a good bit on him. I do not know of this purported other daughter but I'll check around amongst my friends at the Bultmann-Gesellschaft and try to find out.

Anonymous said...

Further, I've checked in his Briefwechsel with Barth and though the rest of the family is mentioned in the index, including Antje, there is no Ilse.

But I'll keep looking because now I'm really curious. And a bit annoyed with myself that I know one of his daughters and not if he has another.

Anonymous said...

I've found this in Bultmann's Nachlass:

Bultmann, Heilke- Tochter von Bultmann. Born 1924. Nothing further however- so evidently B. had two daughters, one well known (Antje) and one not so well known (Heilke). But no mention is made of any marriage to Fuller (while other relatives are so described according to marriage).

Tommy Wasserman said...

I believe I heard something to that effect by my professor when I had an examination on Bultmann's theology. I will ask him.

Stephen C. Carlson said...

The BBKL entry for Bultmann states that Bultmann had three daughters but, alas, does not enumerate them.

Anonymous said...

OK Bultmann's three daughters were


No Ilse in the bunch so the Fuller connection seems mythical.

Anonymous said...

I believe I heard Reginald Fuller say that he was Bultmann's translator so perhaps that's one of the Bultmann links.

Dr. Fuller was my first professor at Virginia Theological Seminary (in an evening lay school class) and, technically, one of my last (as one of the two advisors for my master's thesis--Dr. Kathy Grieb was the other).