Monday, April 30, 2007

New from OUP

A couple of items of interest among new publications from Oxford University Press, announced in their Theology News email alert today and copied from there:
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Jesus of Hollywood
Adele Reinhartz

  • Focuses on the cinematic representation of Jesus
  • Touches on such topics as Jesus' historical and cultural context, his biography, and his messianic identity

15 March 2007 | £17.99 | Hardback | 320 pages
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Christ Killers
The Jews and the Passion from the Bible to the Big Screen
Jeremy Cohen

  • Tracks the image of the Jew as the murderer of the Messiah and God from its origins to its most recent expressions
  • The first book to focus on the powerful myth that has driven so much murderous hatred

22 March 2007 | £17.99 | Hardback | 337 pages
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Anonymous said...

My, those are some expensive books, given the current exchange rate...