Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Biblical Studies Carnival XVII

The latest Biblical Studies Carnival is online at Higgaion and Christopher Heard has done an excellent job:

Biblical Studies Carnival XVII

One rather shocking thing that he reveals is that he did not receive any nominations this month, so they are all hand-picked. So if your favourite blog post is not there, you only have yourself to blame.


Anonymous said...

It's not all that surprising that no one would have nominated anything yet, given that people would usually wait until the month is over so as to be able to include the best post from the past month. Usually the carnival appears at least a few days after people have had a chance to submit something after the end of the month. It's kind of disappointing to find out that the carnival has appeared before anyone has even had much of a chance to submit anything.

Anonymous said...

That is not the case at all, Jeremy. Since the beginning of these carnivals folk have been asked to keep an eye out all month for postings they enjoy and think will be of interest to others. Those suggestions are supposed to be passed on as they are discovered.

The fault lies not in those who have to put the carnival together- the fault lies with the procrastinators who wait till the last minute to search through the blogs to see what they like.

Carnivals are posted on the first of every month- which means that suggestions should be in by the last day of the month preceding.

May 1 is when the April Carnival comes out. June 1 is when the May Carnival comes out. Etc. So now you know that you have an entire month to send suggestions to Danny Z, host of the next one.

Anonymous said...

Jim, yes, I was remembering it wrongly I think due to its being run completely differently from pretty much every other carnival in the blogosphere. Since I rarely submit anything, I tend to think the way other carnivals work.

It does strike me as bad policy to decide in the middle of the month which post from your blog is the best post of the month. On the assumption that that's how the carnival worked (because it's how all the others work), it makes no sense to submit anything until the month is fully over, just in case what you might post in the last hour of the month happens to be your best post to showcase.

But the Biblical Studies Carnival doesn't in practice restrict you to one post per blog (although Tyler's official requirements do), and it turns out people hardly ever submit their own stuff anyway. So the assumptions I was relying on were just not applicable, although I think it's reasonable to conclude what I did on the assumption that this carnival has the usual features of carnivals.