Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Biblioblogger of the Month: Bruce Fisk

Over on Biblioblogs.com, Bruce Fisk (PhD Duke) of Westmont College and author of the Crossings blog is interviewed:

Blogger of the Month for May 2007: Bruce Fisk
Interviewed by Jim West

It's full of good material, including this great paragraph about the joys of blogging, as good a summary as I've seen:
Since blogging is something of a hybrid between the classroom lecture, the academic conference, the journal article and the soapbox, it calls for more mental discipline and care than casual conversation but it makes less demands than peer-reviewed publications. That’s a pretty good recipe for creative, productive, innovative thought, it seems to me. Then there’s the wonder of the hotlink, the immediacy of feedback, and the accessibility of archives.

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