Tuesday, May 08, 2007

NT Greek in St Petersburg

This is in from Jenny Read-Heimerdinger:
Course in New Testament Greek

Beyond the Basics


7-15 September 2007

• An intensive five-day course in NT Greek, with an introductory weekend of cultural acclimatization
• Possibility to extend stay by up to a week, with an optional course on Russian Orthodox Theology
• Hosted by the Christian University of St Petersburg, in the city centre
• Comfortable, self-catering accommodation on campus

A unique opportunity to combine advanced study of NT Greek and discovery of an exciting and beautiful Russian city.

Greek course: 30 hours tuition (equivalent 2 semesters), going beyond a basic knowledge of NT Greek and working from a range of NT texts, to study aspects of syntax and semantics that are critical for exegesis and translation. Teaching is in English.

Costs: First week, including accommodation and course fee – £135
Second week, accommodation – £12 day; optional tuition – £100
Lunch (Mon-Fri) £1.20 meal

Travel: Sample return fares from London –
KLM air £192
Ryanair + rail via Latvia £125
Visa £40

Greek Tutor

Dr Jenny Read-Heimerdinger
University of Wales, Bangor

For further details, please e-mail rss004@bangor.ac.uk, or phone 01865 853978.

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