Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trouble at Wycliffe Hall

It is not often that a theological college makes the headlines, but I am sorry to read in tomorrow's Guardian of trouble at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford:

Unholy row at Oxford's college for clergy amid staff exodus and claims of bullying
· Concern at theology school's new direction
· Governing council backs under-fire principal

Stephen Bates, religious affairs correspondent
One of England's most respected theological colleges is facing claims that staff feel bullied and intimidated as the institution becomes increasingly conservative.

The discontent at Wycliffe Hall, an evangelical Anglican college which is part of Oxford University, has seen several resignations among its small academic staff and claims that one of its most prominent members, the regular Thought for the Day contributor Elaine Storkey, was threatened with disciplinary action . . .
It is a longish article and there is some detail. Wycliffe's own website does not yet have a comment on the story.

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Anonymous said...

Wycliffe's record has been so excellent for 35-40 years (the time of the last new broom) that one is very sorry to read this. It would not be for no reason that a tutor of the excellence of David Wenham would feel he must resign.