Monday, May 07, 2007

Herod's Tomb

The news breaking this afternoon around the blogosphere is that Herod's Tomb has been found by Ehud Netzer:

Hebrew University: Herod's tomb and grave found at Herodium
By Amiram Barkat, Haaretz Correspondent, and Haaretz Staff

The press conference officially announcing this is to happen tomorrow. Naturally, Jim West was the first to pick up on this, unless you count Dan McLerran who prophesied this a couple of years ago.

I look forward to watching this story, and particularly to hearing Jodi Magness's comments on this (e.g. see her 2001 article, "Where is Herod's Tomb at Herodium?").

Update (Tuesday, 9:28): Jim West points out that the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has more:

Tomb of King Herod discovered at Herodium by Hebrew University archaeologist

It includes a picture of Ehud Netzer at the press conference.

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Anonymous said...

I think someone else at the ANE-list was, technically, the first person to pick up the story, and Dr. West passed thew news along.

(I'm away from my desk, but to verify or de-verify this you could check the ANE-list archives.)