Thursday, May 17, 2007

British Library Readers Group

On Xtalk this morning, Roger Pearse had an interesting message for users of the British Library, and it is worth sharing here:

Following the announcement that the government intends to prune its $200m budget
by up to 7%, a group to represent readers at the BL was set up in January.

"The British Library Readers Group is made up of academics, students, journalists, independent scholars, researchers and writers who are readers at the British Library. We have come together to meet one another and to represent readers to the administration and trustees of the British Library.

"Our aim is to seek constructive solutions to issues that have an impact upon our working lives in the library."

I know that I have always felt that I was sometimes one unimportant man against a vast institution. If you have ever felt the same, please join the group."

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