Monday, May 07, 2007

Plumley Coptic Grammar

Paterson Brown emails to make the following announcement:
After a half-year of most pleasurable work and a recent careful proof-read, our online edition of J.M. Plumley’s Introductory Coptic Grammar in both hypertext and MSWord is at last completed:

It’s of course an exceedingly complex text, and so has had to be compared literally letter by letter. Plus I undertook the task of inserting dots between the word elements, in order to exhibit the proper parsing throughout. Even though the occasional glitch no doubt inevitably remains, at this point the text should be basically reliable.
See my previous comments here. This is a really welcome addition to the world of online Coptic resources. Personally, I love being able to see Plumley's own handwriting too; it's that real-life link to his Tottenham vicarage study in the 1940s.

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