Thursday, May 24, 2007

Review of Perrin on Thomas

For some reason, my reader does not seem to be picking up the updates to my rolling post on Nick Perrin's Thomas, the Other Gospel, so I am adding this extra sentence to let readers know that I am still updating that post on a regular basis and hope to have the whole review finished later today. I like to keep the same title to rolling posts because if I keep adjusting them, links elsewhere get broken. I will remove this post, and replace it with another notice, when I have finalized that post. See Nicholas Perrin, Thomas, the Other Gospel: Reflections. (I would have finished it tonight, but I was out watching the new Pirates of the Caribbean film, a film which gives you a great feeling for what eternity must feel like).


Matt Page said...

Why not have a specific label for that post/series of posts and then link to that?

As for Pirates 3. I went and saw it last night as well. It was about what I'd expected really (and that's not a particularly good thing). I do wish I'd had a quick refresher on what happened at the end of the second one though. We spent most of the film trying to work out what had gone on!


Michael said...

One review of POC3:"a tiresome, disorienting walk down a 165-minute-long plank" -