Thursday, May 03, 2007

Review of Biblical Literature Latest

I didn't get time to blog this earlier this week. Everything is winding down at Duke for the summer, which means that this last week has been pretty manic, with committee meeting after committee meeting, papers to grade and work to do, but with the lull imminent, and very much looked forward to. Anyway, here are the NT related titles in the latest SBL Review of Biblical Literature:

A. K. M. Adam, Stephen E. Fowl, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, and Francis Watson
Reading Scripture with the Church: Toward a Hermeneutic for Theological Interpretation
Reviewed by Joel B. Green

Simon J. Gathercole
The Pre-existent Son: Recovering the Christologies of Matthew, Mark, and Luke
Reviewed by James D. G. Dunn
Reviewed by Frank J. Matera

Timothy Larsen and Jeffrey P. Greenman, eds.
Reading Romans through the Centuries: From the Early Church to Karl Barth
Reviewed by Mark Elliott

Clare K. Rothschild
Baptist Traditions and Q
Reviewed by John S. Kloppenborg

Several things of interest here. AKMA has already commented on the review of his co-authored book. Dunn's review of Gathercole is interesting in relation to the SBL Synoptics Section Review of Gathercole's book last November (which I chaired and which I briefly reported on this blog) at which Dunn was rather outspoken. Another biblioblogger commented on this earlier this week, but I forgot to star it, with apologies to whoever it was because I was going to mention them.

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